Diamond Faith Ministries Counseling
Heavenly Answers to Human Situations

Imagine the possibilities... of deprogramming traditional mental thought patterns and automatic (subconscious) responses, with thinking that is outside of the box and that transcends secular mentality.

  • The starting point and where the battle begins (the mind): a psychological as well as spiritual battle that keeps most people stuck in past experiences with irrational thinking, and which lead to deceptive beliefs, negative life patterns and maladaptive behavior. Therefore, renewing the mind is of vital importance toward obtaining Diamond Faith Power: the belief that all things are possible, along with the innate desire and motivation to take the required steps toward essential change. 

        Servant George     Counseling Minister

          Ana Margarita       Assistant Counselor

Why Diamond Faith Counseling?

  • Unlike the multitude of counseling agencies that deal with the biopsychosocial (biological, psychological, social) factors, Diamond Faith includes the innate values, beliefs and motivational factors of the spiritual person: the biopsychosocial-spiritual (holistic health of spirit, mind, emotions and body).

  • Diamond Faith deals with and resolves the main root issues and lifestyle diseases that are causing distress and problem situations: we do Not medicate or bandage symptoms.

  • The classification system of mental disorders are Not used (human labels can become self-fulfilling): basically, we all have the same disorder called a 'sinful human nature' that must first be understood in order to be conquered.

  • We are a not-for-profit Christian Counseling Ministry seeking the spiritual well-being of individuals, couples, and families toward mental and behavioral health in all matters pertaining to Life (some referrals).

  • Every person is a unique child of GOD, created to be different, thus, wise counseling dictates that each individual must be respected and treated as the unique person that they are.  

     Seek Wise Counsel? Diamond Faith Power: Wisdom From The All-Knowing GOD

The Outreach: GOD's Business

There are many people that have lost direction or that are blind to the path they are on (homelessness, addictions, occult's, etc.) and are reluctant due to 'false mental reasoning' to view the convincing truth.

Life has dealt all people injustices, and many have been unable to fully recover, thus, in accordance with the Great Commission, Diamond Faith reaches out to those unaware, unable, or unwilling to come in: shining the Light of the Wise Counselor in the dark and lonely places of human life. 

               The above video represents the spreading devastation throughout our cities:                 drug epidemic = mental illness, homelessness, disease and crime, etc. 

People perish without the vision of a future hope, and a lack of meaning and purpose in life. 

Investing in GOD's Work: Cheerful Giving

There are many indigent people that do not have the funds to provide for their much needed life changing 'transformation' let alone the means to support themselves (difficult cases can last for weeks or even months).

Diamond Faith relies financially on GOD, as He directs His children and the caring community: those who see the benefits of investing into the lives of others  and the personal rewards of sowing into good ground while receiving earthly blessings and heavenly dividends.

There is no investment too small or too big